Community Standards

The views, information, or opinions expressed within Switchboard are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of Phillips Academy Andover and/or its employees.

Be awesome, helpful, and kind to others

A Switchboard exists to meet the needs of the community and serve its members through exchanges around asks and offers

All Switchboard members agree to honor the mission of Switchboard and adhere to the following community standards.

We are here with a purpose.

Andover Switchboard is meant to build and strengthen the Andover alumni community by providing an easy, helpful place where members can ask for what they need or offer what they have around professional and personal interests. This is a closed platform available to all Andover alumni. 

We’re here because we have a job to do. We want to band together to do something great as a community. We seek action, collaboration, and success.

•  Posts are actionable. They make a clear call to action that is either a request or an offer. (See: What does a clear ask or offer look like?)

•  Comments and messages are constructive. They contribute to the purpose of the original ask or offer.

If content is not actionable or constructive and does not serve the mission of the Switchboard, it will be removed.

We are respectful and kind.

Your ASKS and OFFERS should be civil, kind, and respectful. Andover reserves the right to edit or remove posts that fall outside the standards of the Andover community and/or Switchboard. Examples of posts that may be removed/edited include, but are not limited to, posts that contain:

• hate speech, threats, or direct attacks on an individual or group;

• threats of violence; and/or

• sexually suggestive content.

If the same post is flagged by someone more than once as being inappropriate, your account will be temporarily deactivated until you can connect with a member of the Alumni Engagement Office to discuss the situation. In response to inappropriate behavior, Andover and/or Switchboard reserve the right to request community members to adjust their behavior and/or to permanently remove them from Switchboard.

"Is this content right for switchboard?"

If you are wondering if your content is appropriate for Switchboard, ask the following questions:

•   Is my contribution actionable and productive?

•   Is my tone civil, friendly, and warm?

•   Am I treating people the way I want to be treated?

"How do these standards help the community?"

A Switchboard is built to be helpful, productive, and optimistic. When community members misuse or abuse the space it can quickly become unhelpful, unproductive, and negative. It becomes a place nobody wants to be. The Switchboard stewards we’ve partnered with are incredible community builders who have invested a tremendous amount of time creating this place where people’s lives are improved. While we want you to feel ownership of this space, we also want you to recognize that it’s a privilege to be here. Switchboard is an awesome party of helpful people.